For over 30 years Mantec have been producing precision engineered components for many industries including nuclear, rail, pharmaceutical, sub-sea and earth moving machinery, to name but a few.

Sub-Sea, Oil & Gas

From revolutionary projects to critical maintenance, the acutely high-risk and challenging operational environments of sub-sea, oil and gas demand Mantec’s technologically advanced and durable components for performance and assurance.


We manufacture precision engineered components of uncompromising quality for the rail industry. All our work is engineered to the highest standards and delivers steadfast performance in the face of continual usage and stress that rail networks demand.

Earth Moving Equipment

Advanced machining technology guarantees robust, reliable components. Earth moving equipment manufacturers choose Mantec to ensure heavy duty vehicles and apparatus operate at full capacity and deliver an extended lifespan.


Meticulous processes and time-served engineers deliver accurate components engineered to the strictest tolerances. Cutting edge technology accelerates the manufacturing process, meaning that Mantec can deliver accurately and quickly.


Unmatched risk and volatility make nuclear a particularly challenging industry. Our advanced precision engineering delivers components of uncompromising performance and reliability to withstand extreme, highly-specialised conditions.


The latest technology, a state-of-the-art facility and quality approvals make Mantec a trusted partner to the highly-regulated food sector. Components are engineered in controlled environments to short timescales and in high volumes.


Defence equipment must perform under all circumstances. Mantec’s advanced capabilities ensure that exacting specifications are met for components deployed in some of the world’s most advanced national security technology and equipment.


Mantec’s precision engineering delivers the highest quality, most precise and durable custom components for the demanding chemicals industry. With the consequences of equipment failure being so great, only the very best is accepted.

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